Gateway Elementary

Gateway Elementary

Gateway Elementary School 
Metro-Nashville Public Schools
Goodlettsville, TN

Built in 1962, Gateway Elementary School had undergone minimal renovation. This renovation-expansion project modernized existing space and increased the building aea from 23,300 sf to 45,500 sf.

Structural additions encompassed eight new classrooms, an expanded libary, a new indoor play space and a new administration suite. Major renovations included kitchen modernization.

Visually, new additions reflect the proportions and rhythms of the original building. New windows and infill panels in the original facade help tied old and new together.

Energy conservation upgrade of the existing building was emphasized. Steam-heat system and window cooling units were replaced with a Variable Regrigerant Flow system. Insulation was added to the roof. Single-glazed windows were replaced with double-glazed, insulated windows.

This project is expected to achieve LEED Silver Certification.